Rafting The Grand Canyon
In the grandest canyon of the Colorado River, experience the excitement, serenity, joy and enchanting beauty of the river as it transforms this divine chasm and those who venture down it.

The Grand Canyon is ever-changing, with massive walls that step back to expose eons of natural history, at one place dark and narrow, and at another lush with waterfalls thundering hundreds of feet in luminous free fall.

Endless in scenic wonder, rich in Native American history and loaded with fun and adventure. Exploring the Grand Canyon by river is an experience unlike any other. Rafting through the Grand Canyon offers a distinctive view of one of the most popular and breathtaking natural wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon radiates both excitement and serenity which gives you a glorious perspective of this natural wonder.

The astounding scenery through Grand Canyon National Park is enhanced by the thrill of over 60 rapids over 187 miles which will give you maximum excitement and safety.
Most Grand Canyon rafting trips leave from Lee's Ferry. It's up-stream from the park and you can drive right down to the Colorado River. Rafters can depart from Lee's Ferry and take a helicopter out of the Canyon at the end of the trip, allowing the rafting companies to tailor trips to many different time frames.

Some rafting trips use Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon as the starting or ending point for trips. You have to hike in (or out), but if you plan early enough, you can ride a mule out to the rim. The shortest ride is a 1 day Grand Canyon rafting trip that takes you for a 15 1/2 mile tour of the Canyon.

Grand Canyon Rafting Trips
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