Yavapai Geology Museum

The historic building, located one mile east of Market Plaza, features expansive canyon views.

Displays include three-dimensional models, powerful photographs, and exhibits which allow park visitors to see and understand the complicated geologic story of the area.

Dedicated in July 1928, the building was erected on a site selected by a team of geologists for the express purpose of observing and understanding Grand Canyon geology.

How old is the canyon? How did it form? The exhibits at Yavapai Museum of Geology (also know as the Yavapai Observation Station) answer these and other geology questions.

The Geology Museum Bookstore offers a variety of materials about the Grand Canyon region. Books, maps, postcards and videos are on sale.
Along the window overlooking the canyon there are several interactive exhibits which allow you a better description of what you are looking at through the window. The museum window is about 25 feet wide and slightly angled, providing a panoramic view of the geological features of the canyon below. It affords a great view of the suspension bridge crossing the Colorado River far below.

Naturalist Edwin McKee shows the canyon to visitors from the open air parapet of Yavapai Observation Station around 1930. Note the mounted binoculars along the wall and the model of the canyon in the foreground.

Today views don't get much better than those unfolding behind the plate-glass windows of this little stone building at Yavapai Point, where handy panels identify and explain the various formations before you.

A panoramic view of the canyon is visible through the building's windows. Yavapai Geology Museum is just a short walk from Grand Canyon Village.

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